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Celebrating our 25th anniversay

It was twenty-five years ago, on an Autumnal October morning in 1995, a group of like-minded people convened at the Taprobane Sri Lanka Restaurant on 56th Street & 8th Avenue in Manhattan, New York. It seems as if it was just yesterday, but looking back on the events that have unfolded and the accomplishments of the SLWCS since then quickly reminds of the quarter century of time that had passed by.

From its very beginnings in 1995, the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS) has been focused on developing a community-based participatory paradigm for sustainable wildlife conservation and research. Twenty-five years ago, it was a totally unique way to address one of the biggest environmental and socioeconomic issues in Sri Lanka, which is human-elephant conflict.  

Though we’ve grown over the past 25 years to become an international organization and enjoyed success, we have also withstood our share of challenging times and hardships, and have emerged stronger for it.  It’s been an exciting 25 years and while we’re focused on a bright future, we have not forgotten our roots, or that we owe our success to our supporters, sponsors, partners and friends. Thank you for your confidence in us and for your support, help and friendship.

As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, the initial incorporators, board members and all those who have supported us since our inception, would be justifiably proud of what the SLWCS has achieved, with its innovative community development, wildlife conservation and sustainable development programs that have also garnered the society several national and international awards.

Find out more about us here and explore our projects here.

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