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Our new volunteer initiative allows you to experience the best of both worlds by participating in our marine and terrestrial wildlife conservation work

Travel 4 Change©: Real wildlife, Real challenges, Real volunteering, Real impact

Starting from the middle of 2021, the SLWCS is excited to offer a unique opportunity for our volunteers to participate in both marine and terrestrial wildlife research, exploration and conservation activities.


The marine activities will be conducted from the society’s research base located in the Kalpitiya Peninsula after which volunteers will travel by boat across the vast Puttalam Estuary to participate in the wildlife activities in the SLWCS field base near the Wilpattu National Park. Volunteers will have the exciting opportunity to observe the largest mammal to ever live in the world, the blue whale and the largest land mammal in Asia the Asian elephant in one programme.

Contact us here or email to find out more and get involved. Browse our photo gallery below to view some of the wildlife you might spot during this volunteer programme.


Get in touch to find out more about this volunteer programme and how you can help us

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