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Sharing our research findings and award-winning conservation strategies with a global audience

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Lessons learned from applying Conflict Specific Mitigation Strategies to mitigate human-elephant conflicts: A case study from Wasgamuwa, Sri Lanka

Importance of developing "Conflict Specific Mitigation (CSM)” Strategies to mitigate human-elephant conflicts: A case study from Wasgamuwa, Sri Lanka


For conservation to be effective it is important to influence people’s knowledge, behaviors, attitudes, actions, and emotions about wildlife and their habitats.


We recognize the importance of educating the public and are committed to achieving this through our citizen science programs and publications.


As such we created this series of posters to educate people to increase their knowledge and awareness about wildlife and the need for wildlife conservation.

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Mammals_of_SL preliminary_2-7-7.jpg


Volunteering with SLWCS
Freedom is Coming! New Life Elephant Sanctuary

Freedom is Coming! New Life Elephant Sanctuary

For many captive elephants in Sri Lanka, lifelong pain, suffering, and deprivation are all they have ever known. They deserve better. New Life Elephant Sanctuary© (NLES) is a groundbreaking elephant welfare initiative--the first sanctuary in Sri Lanka for captive elephants. NLES will provide high quality veterinary care and offer retirement and respite sanctuary to Sri Lanka’s working elephants (young and old) who have spent their lives shackled in chains, abused and exploited in Sri Lanka’s rapidly growing tourism industry. In many ways, this is the definitive moment to establish a new model and new standards for the care and management of captive elephants in Sri Lanka’s rapidly growing, post-civil war economy. New Life Elephant Sanctuary will provide an alternative to elephant-back riding, parades, circus performances and other spectacles that are inherently harmful to elephants and their keepers. New Life Elephant Sanctuary will help to bring about a new human-elephant ethic, integrating captive elephant welfare and wild elephant conservation and education. We invite you to join us in creating the New Life Elephant Sanctuary! We need your generous support today to undertake essential phase one, pre-development work in Sri Lanka, which will ensure the future success of NLES. Your donation will enable us to: *Secure land for NLES (note: we are currenty negotiating the terms of acquisition for a large parcel of beautiful land in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka) *Provide free elephant wellness checks and basic veterinary care services (wound, abscess and injury care, pedicures/foot care, etc.) through "Project eleVETS" ( *Prepare detailed NLES construction plans *Identify prospective NLES elephant residents and secure agreements with owners DONATE NOW to provide a BETTER LIFE, A NEW LIFE for Captive Elephants of Sri Lanka: Yes, freedom IS coming with the help of kind people from all around the globe. Join us today! Thank you. ***About this Video*** A "Do Good Films" Production Video filmed in Sri Lanka and produced and edited by Lacy Wittman Story written by Hollis Burbank-Hammarlund Additional footage provided by Kylie Butler Additional photos provided by Ravi Corea and Elemotion Audio mix by Jordan Moser Music Provided by: -Wellington Lora -"Pianos and Whale Call" & "Sun to Sun" -Publisher: The Cueniverse This video is the property of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society.
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