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Learn to be a marine researcher and conservationist by volunteering in our Marine Project

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Let your passion for the marine environment make you become a Marine Conservation Nomad. The SLWCS Marine Project is built on joint research, collaborative spirit, and innovative activities and is a practical demonstration of integrating scientific research and community-based conservation with the principles of ecotourism, green technology and sustainable development. Your participation will contribute to increasing the knowledge about our marine resources and in their conservation and sustainable management.

The MaRINE Project is located in the Kalpitiya Peninsula consisting of 14 islands in the Puttalam District in the Northwestern Province of Sri Lanka.    


Get in touch to find out more about this volunteer programme and how you can help us

Volunteer For The Marine Project

"On Friday we watched fishermen coming back from their early morning fishing. Getting to know the methods and practices of the local fishermen and the way these people interact with the ocean is the key to understanding their impact on the marine ecosystems."

Volunteer, Tim Gotz, Germany

Volunteers will participate in field work to study as well as conserve threatened and endangered marine life such as sea turtles, pink dolphins, dugongs, sea grasses, mangroves, and the myriad of other vertebrate and invertebrate species that make up the marine environment.  There will be exciting excursions into the sea and lagoon to gather data on sea grasses and mangroves, to observe dugongs, dolphins and sea birds to collect spatial, temporal, population, and behavioural data.


Volunteers will visit villages and fishing colonies to understand what their livelihoods are and how these livelihoods impact on the marine environment and its biodiversity.  During these visits volunteers will conduct surveys and discuss with villagers their livelihood issues and concerns and how the SLWCS could help to make their marine based livelihoods sustainable. The volunteers will work on activities that are varied and will cover a range of research, conservation and community focused field activities

For information about the Marine Project Volunteering Program, please contact us at:

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