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Our small, but dedicated team has a wide range of expertise, from research, management and logistics to ecology and geographical mapping, and are all dedicated to wildlife conservation and sustainable development

Scroll down to meet our board and team, and find out more about their areas of expertise

Our Board

Board of Directors

Ravi Corea, Founder/President

Shea James, Vice President

Dr. Natarajan Ishwaran

Soraya Rohde

Asoka Seneviratne

Patricia Butenis

Maureen Corea

Manisha Wilson

Board Advisors

Dr. Palitha Kohona


Our Team


Ravi Corea

Founder & President

Ravi Corea founded the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS) in 1995 to establish a new paradigm for sustainable conservation that balances ecosystem protection and economic development within his native country of Sri Lanka.


His innovative Saving Elephants by Helping People (SEHP) Project was initiated in 1997 and represents one of the best-known, community-based efforts to mitigate human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka.

To read Ravi's full biography, click here.


Chinthaka Weerasinghe

Operations Manager

Chinthaka has worked for us for more than sixteen years. He oversees and manages the complex logistics of the Society's operations, including the Volunteer Programme and is the friendly face when you first arrive as a volunteer. Coming from a career background very different, Chinthaka fell in love with our important science, research, and conservation work. His enthusiasm for wildlife has enhanced our work with wild elephants and has helped to foster a highly successful Volunteer Programme. Chinthaka works closely with grassroots groups, farmers, families and communities, addressing human-elephant conflicts through our Project Orange Elephant, the EleFriendly Bus, and other SLWCS initiatives.


Chandima Fernando

Ecologist & GIS Specialist

Chandima Fernando holds a Masters in GIS from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. He joined our team 15 years ago following his childhood love for and fascination with Sri Lanka’s wildlife.


Chandima designs and conducts all our field research programmes, including scheduling volunteer field activities, and spearheads the internship program. His dedication to conservation of wildlife has proven to be of great value to many volunteers who join us in the field. He freely shares his knowledge of conservation research techniques with people from all around the globe.


Indika Sampath

Vehicles Operations & Maintenance Coordinator

Sampath joined the SLWCS in 2006 and has been with the organization since then. Taking care of the entire fleet of the Society’s field vehicles is Sampath’s responsibility. This is a huge responsibility as well as an undertaking since the field vehicles are our life line when we are in the field.

Sampath ensures that all the vehicles are in good working condition and are regularly serviced and maintained. He also manages and supervises the staff that operate the vehicles.



Field Assistant

Siriya has been working with us for over 20 years. Treasured by the volunteers for his humour and good-hearted nature, his knowledge of the local landscape, history and wildlife is essential to our work.


Asitha Lakmal

Field Assistant

Asitha has been a dedicated and hardworking team member since 2017. Despite being our youngest team member, he is a skilled mechanic and an excellent elephant tracker - a real asset whilst out in the field.


Sarath Kumara

Field Assistant

Sarath joined the team in early 2018 and is a resident of Weheragala village, near the elephant corridor. Always ready with a smile, he accompanies our volunteers in the field and supports our research projects.


Gamini Dissanayaka

Field Assistant

Gamini joined our team of field assistants in 2018. Gamini assists with our Volunteer Programme, and is an essential to the safety and wellbeing of our volunteers and staff members. He also drives our EleFriendly Bus!



Fieldhouse Manager

Vijay is well known for his ability to fix just about anything! Vijay has worked for us for over 20 years and coordinated our recent extension, as well as the construction of our local school's new classroom.




Swarna has been an integral part of our team since 2015. Always greeting volunteers with a happy, smiling face, Swarna keeps the Fieldhouse clean and tidy, ensuring everyone sleeps soundly and lives comfortably. 




Leela joined us in 2010 and works as part of our Housekeeping team. Working hard to ensure the Fieldhouse is a home from home, she is a friendly, welcoming face for the volunteers and staff, alike.

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