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Our work over the last 20 years has been generously sponsored by our partners and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for their generosity

A huge thank you to our major corporate sponsors


Lowlander explores the world of herbs, spices and fruit and brews with these botanicals to create unique and naturally delicious beers.  As a botanical brewer with roots in The Netherlands, it is our founding belief that a little bit of Dutch ingenuity combined with the power of nature creates limitless possibilities. At the same time, we are very much aware of the fact that we should never take nature’s beauty and benefits for granted. For without a healthy nature, we can't brew our botanical beers. That’s why we are taking full responsibility for our actions as we are moving our impact from negative to positive. Championing the global goal for nature, working towards a nature positive impact by 2030.

How do you stop a hungry elephant? With an orange – they don’t like citrus. So the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society is encouraging farmers to plant orange trees along with their traditional crops. We brew our alcohol-free I.P.A. with exotic mango, cardamom and orange peel (making it irresistibly elephant-proof) plus we’re donating 1% of sales to Project Orange Elephant to support their work deterring those inquisitive trunks.

Find out more about the new 0.3% I.P.A. at Lowlander's website.

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Established in 1922, Colombo Jewellery Stores is one of the most prestigious and renowned family owned jewellery houses in Sri Lanka. Currently owned and managed by its third generation, CJS embodies perfectionism, creating refined jewellery that is exquisitely and beautifully crafted.

In 2014, CJS partnered with us to launch their Unforgettable campaign to support conservation efforts of the endangered Sri Lankan elephant. As part of this campaign, CJS co-sponsored our EleFriendly Bus. Since then it has provided funds for our PachyDrone Project and is currently supporting Project Orange Elephant.


elephantea tea is closely connected to Sri Lanka with ties not only to the centuries old Ceylon Tea industry, but also to the island’s threatened elephants. elephantea produces organically grown teas, rich in flavour and texture, and most importantly, a percentage of the profits are donated to the conservation of the endangered Sri Lankan elephant. 


This family-run business is one of our valued partners, helping us to protect the endangered Sri Lankan elephant. The brand is becoming synonymous with our conservation efforts, co-sponsoring our EleFriendly Bus and EleVets programme, as well as generously providing funds for our research scientists to attend international conferences on Asian elephant conservation, and even sponsoring our staff and volunteer t-shirts!

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Cha's Organics is Canada's leading brand of organic coconut milk and cream, with an assortment of varieties to choose from including spiced coconut milk, coconut whipping cream and their classic, best-selling premium coconut milk. Their entire selection is not only Organic and Fair For Life Fair Trade certified, they also guarantee that no monkey labour is ever used to harvest their coconuts. What's more, 1% of the gross profits from the sale of Cha's Organics coconut milk and cream is donated to organizations including Sri Lanka Wildlife Protection Society to help protect Sri Lanka's wild elephants.

Wealthtrust Securities Limited is a co-sponsor of the EleFriendly Bus. Since the EleBus was launched, the company has helped by paying for the ongoing maintenance and servicing of the EleBus, and to annually replace its set of six tires, allowing us to protect local children get to school safely through our elephant corridor

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Spa Ceylon is an award-winning luxury spa with retail stores and boutiques across the world, offering Ayurvedic products and spa treatments. Its products combine ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and well-being rituals from the palaces of old Ceylon with natural ingredients and contemporary design. 

Already a strong advocate for saving the Sri Lankan elephant, Spa Ceylon currently sponsors our Butterfly Conservation Project, promoting biodiversity and the protection of Sri Lanka's endemic butterfly species in the Wasgamuwa area


Stick No Bills Posters™ has grown rapidly over the past decade from its origins on Church Street in Galle Fort to be regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious poster art and poster design enterprises. The British-Sri Lankan run business enjoys exclusive usage rights on the world’s largest collection of Ceylon / Sri Lanka vintage and retro style travel posters which they showcase and sell at their flagship Iberia (Europe) and Ceylon galleries in Palma De Mallorca and Galle Fort, online and via a select constellation of luxury hotelier and retailers island-wide in Sri Lanka and Las Islas Baleares. 


In 2017, Stick No Bills™ began fundraising for the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society by donating proceeds from all sales of specific wildlife-orientated images in their Ceylon / Sri Lanka collection. The founders' commitment in early 2019 to scale up by donating fixed percentages of proceeds on all sales from each and every design in their 103 image-strong Ceylon / Sri Lanka portfolio makes Stick No Bills™ a Major Corporate Sponsor of the SLWCS. 


EleBalance is one of our most recent partners. EleBalance is supporting the SLWCS to expand and scale up the Society’s social enterprise programs to provide sustainable livelihoods to rural farmers to garner their support for wildlife conservation and climate change mitigation. The partnership between EleBalance and SLWCS was established to improve the lives of Sri Lankan farmers and elephants, especially to create a healthy balance where both can peacefully coexist.


The founders of EleBalance: Soraya Rohde, Kim Swilpa, Dr. Christine Fouts, and Amber Kazansky have strong connections to the international cosmetic industry, and they bring together an extensive collective experience in agriculture, wildlife conservation, social enterprise, chemistry, design and marketing. We are excited to partner with EleBalance to develop an effective holistic paradigm for Asian elephant conservation.  

As well as our other corporate sponsors...

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Sole dealer for Land Rover UK in Sri Lanka


We would also like to thank our organisational partners for their support

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