Our volunteer programme offers a rare opportunity to work alongside our scientists, conservationists, educators, community partners and local villagers deep within the heart of beautiful Sri Lanka

We have been hosting volunteers since 2002. Revenues generated through fees paid by our volunteers are critical to supporting our conservation research and community work. Whether you're travelling alone or with a group, for a week or for several months, our experienced travel partners offer a wide variety of options to meet your needs.

You'll be immersed in the local culture and ecology in the Wasgamuwa region in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, home to wild Asian elephants, sloth bears, leopards and many other endangered wildlife in one of the most biodiverse areas in Sri Lanka.


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Volunteer Near Wasgamuwa National Park

You'll stay at our Pussellayaya Field House, just a short distance from Wasgamuwa National Park and you'll work hand-in-hand with our local staff and volunteers from all around the globe to carry out essential conservation work, including:

  • Gathering information on elephants and other wildlife and tropical ecosystems

  • Collecting essential environmental and socio-economic data to help develop community-based conservation programs

  • Participating in discussions with local villagers to help identify practical solutions to human-elephant conflicts

  • Observing, assessing and documenting human-elephant conflicts

  • Teaching environmental education to local school children

  • Gathering information on Sri Lanka's big and small carnivores

  • And much more!

Where will you stay?

The Pussellayaya Fieldhouse is located on a scenic hill overlooking a lake and the Knuckles Mountain Range. It is just fifteen minutes from the Wasgamuwa National Park.

From the Pussellayaya Field House we conduct our research and conservation work and run our volunteer programme. Volunteers live and work alongside staff who welcome them with their warmth, kindness and deep knowledge of the region's stunning flora and fauna.

The field house is open and spacious with a high roof, which catches breezes off the lake to keep the house relatively cool during hot days and nights and ensures the house remains dry during the rainy season. Except for the songs of myriad local birds who greet you each morning, it is a stunningly quiet and peaceful setting.

Volunteer Online During The COVID-19 Pandemic

We launched our newest initiative, an exciting virtual e-Volunteering experience! Contribute to wildlife research, conservation, community development, and program development from the comforts of your own home. It can’t get better than that… Due to the prevailing local and international travel restrictions and prohibitions there is a critical need for a new kind of volunteer: The E-Volunteer!

The globally prevailing COVID-19 pandemic means people have been severely curtailed from many of the activities they love to do. Many people have time on their hands with nothing to focus their intellect and energy. This is where E-Volunteering comes in. From the comfort and safety of your own home you can contribute to field research, conservation, community development, writing, editing, fundraising, outreach and advocacy, and even technological development. These are some of the numerous E-Volunteering activities you can select from that will fit around your schedule without having to travel outside your home or abroad.

For additional information on our e-Volunteering Program contact us at: info@slwcs.org

What Are The Benefits of E-Volunteering With Us?

E-volunteering provides a valuable opportunity for individuals to gain and advance their professional skills and experience and grow their network.

By signing on with the SLWCS for a virtual project that complements your interests and skills, you can take control of your professional development. Additionally, E-Volunteering for the SLWCS will help build your skills, résumé and professional networks. As a virtual volunteer, you’ll also be showing potential employers that:

  • You’re self-motivated.

  • You have good time management skills, since you set your own schedule.

  • You can commit to and finish a project.

  • You’re comfortable communicating in written form since email, texting online is the primary form of interaction.

What Are The Benefits To Us From E-Volunteers?

Same as regular volunteers, E-Volunteers contribute their knowledge, passion, and experience to improve scientific understanding of wildlife while supporting their conservation through community-based programs.

The E-Volunteers’ contributions to the Society’s wildlife research and conservation efforts are invaluable since the online volunteer program is directly connected to our field research, conservation and community development programs.

Working remotely online while interacting with our research scientists, E-Volunteers help us to continue our field research, conservation and community programs, enabling us to gather vital information on elephants, carnivores, birds, and butterflies for their conservation as well as to mitigate human wildlife conflicts. 

E-Volunteers gives us the resources to provide solutions to human elephant conflicts as well as maintain initiatives such as Project Orange Elephant, the EleBus and community electric fence projects that directly benefit people and elephants.

Most crucially as an online volunteer you will ensure the tenuous environment of coexistence we have achieved between people and elephants will continue during these difficult times of Covid-19.

Interested? Get In Touch With Us Today

Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society is in need of all kinds of help. You could help us with our field research, conservation efforts, community development and fund raising campaigns. If you have the expertise, you could help create new databases, conduct statistical analysis, write reports, articles, grant proposals, design and maintain a web site, program web applications or software.

You can also propose your own projects which you can develop and conduct with our assistance and guidance.

Email us at info@slwcs.org to express an interest and to find out more.

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